Pre & Post Judgment Remedies

Schweet Linde & Coulson, PLLC is the one of the premier Seattle firms in the area of prejudgment attachment remedies. When warranted we’re able to obtain an attachment of real or personal property (prior to entry of a judgment) within several days of a referral from a client. Because we’ve specialized, we’re extremely efficient at using pleading forms and proven strategies that we’re able quickly to tailor to a client’s unique situation. When time is of the essence and when the client’s goals support such activities, we also utilize prejudgment, garnishment, replevin, and supplemental proceedings.

Our post-judgment remedies can be as simple as a wage or bank garnishment, or as complex as levying execution on personal property, foreclosing judgment liens on real estate, and challenging exemptions claimed under state law. Because Washington state exemption law is fairly balanced relative to other states, creditors pursuing debtors in Washington have remedies that may not be available elsewhere.

We’re able to test limits and create opportunities for our clients.