Our attorneys and paralegals have in-depth experience and knowledge concerning all aspects of non-judicial and judicial foreclosures and real estate contract forfeitures. We handle everything from single family residence foreclosures to complicated commercial property foreclosure actions throughout the State of Washington, including deeds in lieu of foreclosure where appropriate.

Services include resolving title issues, providing additional statutory notices to guarantors on commercial loans, monitoring the progress of competing foreclosures on the same property, and mobile home title eliminations.

Where post-sale services are needed, we’re experts at occupancy workouts and eviction actions. We analyze excess proceeds cases and offer efficient services to obtain proceeds from senior lien foreclosures to which our clients are entitled. We also offer rare insight and experience in the Washington state homestead exemption and all aspects of that issue as it relates to excess proceeds recovery.

A major strength of the firm is our experience in representation of creditors in bankruptcy court proceedings and our ability to seamlessly and quickly transition between foreclosure and bankruptcy as dictated by our clients’ requirements.