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We’re located at 575 S. Michigan Street at the corner of 6th Avenue and Michigan Street in the Georgetown district of Seattle.


Laurin S. Schweet, Member: 206.381.0120

Thomas S. Linde, Member: 206.381.0125

Jacob D. Rosenblum, Member: 206.381.0128

John A. McIntosh, Member: 206.381.0118

Michael M. Sperry, Member: 206.381.0133

Mark J. Rosenblum, Of Counsel: 206.381.0124

Conner W. Morgan, Associate: 206.381.0119

Ryan J. Weatherstone, Associate: 206.381.0131

Deena L. Reynolds, Associate: 206.381.0136

Dylan R. Cardoza, Associate: 206.381.0132


Maureen Fitzgerald, Legal Assistant: 206.381.0127

Karen Linde, Legal Assistant: 206.381.0126

Danita Alefaio, Legal Assistant: 206.381.0123

Ali Small, Legal Assistant: 206.381.0122

Gerald L. Kennedy, Jr., Legal Assistant: 206.381.0135

Shelley H. Nguyen, Legal Assistant: 206.381.0134